The Best Mavic Tablet Mount For Ipad, Ipad Mini, And Android Tablets

21 Dec 2019

Get Yours Here:
The Mavic is an awesome drone, but using your phone as the screen isn't that use a tablet! However, if you do use a tablet, there is a good chance that it won't fit in the arms of your controller if its got a case, meaning you'll either need to use a different device, or risk it with no protection on the case.
So to fix that, get a tablet mount! This will allow you a lot more freedom when it comes to not only mounting your tablet or phone, but more options for that tablet itself! You can fit full size ipads in this thing!
I personally use an Ipad Mini 4, and it is darn near perfect! Make sure you are getting the full experience from your drone, and use a tablet mount!

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